Quail keeping

Quail keeping

Specific requirements regarding quail keeping are not determined in regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and its implementing regulations, therefore, as per article 42. of regulation (EC) No. 834/2007, at the moment national, or in its absence private standard guidelines approved by the competent authority may be used. Our private standard guideline referring to quail keeping is approved by NÉBIH.

When composing our private standard guideline we considered the principles of the EU-organic regulations, as well as other requirements of related legislations and animal welfare regulations.

Benefit to customer

When consuming organic products we contribute indirectly to the protection of the environment. Besides this, based on researches, organic products contain more important nutrients than their conventional variations, and there is less chance for the products produced in organic farming to contain traces of plant protection products or other contamination.


During organic quail keeping animal welfare principles in organic farming come true. According to this, it is not permitted to keep quails in cage. Quails must be kept on fenced runway, in groups, and access needs to be ensured for them for the barn. Livestock housing must fulfil the natural needs of the animals and ensure that quails can express the species-specific behaviours. For quail chicks and adult birds continuous access for forage needs to be ensured, which needs to be purchased from organic farming.

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