Sustainability evaluation of agricultures

Sustainability evaluation of agricultures

The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) is one of the world’s leading institutes in the field of organic agriculture. Its locations are situated in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and a representation in Brussels (Belgium) through FiBL Europe. FiBL’s strengths lie in its interdisciplinary research, innovations developed jointly with farmers and the food industry, solution-oriented development projects and rapid knowledge transfer from research into practice.

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SMART is an innovative instrument for holistic sustainability analysis and evaluation of agricultural and food companies and is based on the globally valid SAFA guidelines. It was developed by sustainability experts from the FiBL research institutes with the involvement of more than 60 agricultural experts from other research institutions and consists of a highly efficient database, as well as a scientifically sound evaluation methodology including an extensive indicator pool. SMART creates transparency on the sustainability performance of agri-suppliers and enables benchmarking and a credible communication for actors in the agri-food sector.


SMART is scientifically sound: both the methodology and the indicators were developed over several years by experts from FiBL and other international institutions and are regularly adapted to the latest scientific findings. In order to achieve the greatest possible acceptance, legitimation and compatibility, further reference documents (including GRI, UN Global Compact, ISO 26000, SA8000, ILO standards, Economy for the Common Good) were taken into account in the development of the indicators.
SMART is based on the internationally valid SAFA guidelines of the FAO.
SMART is transparent: the evaluation methodology and indicators are regularly part of scientific publications. A comprehensive results report provides customers with a well-founded overview of the most important indicator results.

SMART is a method and tool for sustainability assessment and not a standard / certification.



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