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Bio Garancia Magyarország Kft. (the successor of Hungária Öko Garancia Kft. since year 2021) was established in year 2000 and operates as an independent, accredited certification body. Our company complies with the regulations of Hungary and the EU necessary for its operation, therefore it acts as a certification body acknowledged by the National Food Chain Safety Office (NeBiH) and the National Accreditation Authority (NAH).

Our identification number is: HU-ÖKO-02.

Bio Garancia provides farmers, processing plants and traders, operating in the food industry, with information mandatory for obtaining organic certification, thereby contributing to the introduction of sustainable production methods, as well as to strengthen the position of the certified companies on the market.

Besides the agricultural holdings dealing with growing plants or raising animals, our company also offers its services for agricultural processing companies in Hungary.

Since year 2019 Bio Garancia Kft. (formerly Hungaria Öko Garancia Kft.) is a member of EASY-CERT group, which was established by the leading certification bodies of Austria, Austria Bio Garantie GmbH (ABG) and Switzerland, bio.inspecta AG. Our company, Bio Garancia Kft. is directly owned by EASY-CERT group AG. The subsidiaries of ABG in Romania and Croatia also belong to the group, just like agroVet GmbH in Austria which does not deal with organic inspection and certification. Other organic certification bodies like Control body BIKO Tirol and CERES GmbH (focused on organic inspections in Germany and worldwide) also joined EASY-CERT group. As a result of this EASY-CERT group is one of the biggest inspection and certification bodies in Europe. The group of companies operate in an integrated quality management system, utilizing harmonised inspection and certification processes, which is more effective, faster and enables to provide a higher quality service.

Bio Garancia helps agricultural holdings and businesses develop and strengthen their market position in a sustainable way.

With its comprehensive range of services HÖG stands for quality, reliability and customer utility.

As member of the Easy-Cert group Bio Garancia belongs to one of the biggest inspection and certification body in Europe. Bio Garancia inspects and certifies products produced in accordance with principles of environmental and social sustainability and animal welfare.

Competent, experienced Bio Garancia staff are deployed to carry out inspection and certification of agricultural holdings and processing and trading companies - and they do so in a manner that is clear, independent and reliable. In this way, the credibility of the products and processes inspected or certified by Bio Garancia is guaranteed.

Bio Garancia gears its activities towards the needs of its clients and maintains openness in its communications with them. Bio Garancia strives continuously to enhance its clients' satisfaction by providing, from one source, products that meet clients' requirements and services that are efficient.

In its day-to-day work, Bio Garancia is active in promoting organic farming and committed to ethical and social issues. Bio Garancia strives to maintain a positive working environment. By helping staff to enhance their social and professional skills, Bio Garancia motivates them to work in a manner that is results-oriented, autonomous and team-focused.

Our Quality policy statement and declaration of impartiality is available by clicking on the link below:

Quality policy statement

Declaration of impartiality

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Accreditation means the formal recognition of the technical and organizational competence of an authority to execute a specific service as described in the scope of accreditation. Bio Garancia Kft. is an accredited inspection and certification body in accordance with ISO 17065. All activities are subjected to supervision by the National Accreditation Authority (NAH) and the National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih).

Accreditation is a confidence building measure which allows authorities, economy and society to judge if inspection or certification bodies fulfill specific tasks with the demanded high reliability.

The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us, so it is also important that complaints and appeals against decisions are dealt with in a transparent appeal. If you have an appeal to an inspection or certification decision that we have carried out, please contact us. 

Our customers can lodge complaints and appeals if they do not agree with the result of the inspection or with the inspections or certifications we have carried out. Please contact us in writing - if possible by e-mail - and we will process this as quickly as possible. In any case, we will inform you in writing of our decision and also tell you to which authority you can lodge your complaint or appeal if you are not satisfied with our decision.

We would like to point out that you can submit an appeal within 14 days of the inspection or decision.

The management of Bio Garancia Kft. is committed to impartiality and independence, and ensures that its colleagues perform their work genuinely, due to high standards, complying with the current legislations, impartially, in a trustworthy, accurate way.

Therefore our Impartiality Committee is committed to ensure that Bio Garancia Kft. conducts its business in an impartial manner.

In case you feel that your case was not handled in an impartial way, and would like to request an investigation, please contact a member of our Impartiality Committee through the following link: