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An agricultural farm or company can only mark and distribute those products as organic, which are also displayed in the valid certification issued by their certification body. These are products produced, processed, imported or distributed according to the applicable regulations and under the control of an accredited certification body. The Bio Garancia certification is only issued following the on-site inspection. 

Products displayed on Bio Garancia certifications may be different depending on the type of the agricultural farm or company. In case of plant producers and animal husbandries both, organic and parallel conventional-parallel plant cultures and animal species are displayed on the certification with the status for the actual year (conventional, in conversion, organic, etc.). In case of grape and plantation species are also listed. On the certification of these agricultures/companies the non-organic milk, eggs, honey, and in case of plant producers conventional animals are also displayed. In case of mushroom producers, wild plant collectors, processors, traders and beekeepers only certified products from organic units can be displayed on Bio Garancia’s certification. Products from conventional units not. 

The validity of organic certification in case of crop production, wild plant collection and beekeeping lasts until withdrawal or until the date displayed on it (latest until the end of January in the year following the year when the certification was issued), but only for products harvested/collected/extracted in the year displayed on the certification. In case of mushroom producers, animal keepers, processors, forage manufacturers, traders and importeurs the certification is valid until withdrawal or until the date displayed on it (latest until the end of January in the year following the year when the certification was issued). As an example, crops harvested in year 2020 were inspected on 10. September 2020., and the certification was issued by Bio Garancia on the 24. September. In this case the certification for the crops harvested in year 2020 (in case of wild plant collectors and plant producers) is valid latest until 31. January 2022. According to this the item identification number needs to be written on the invoice when selling the crops, i.e. the year of harvest. 

In order for the certification to be continuous it is important that our partners provide us with the missing documents and fulfill the corrective measurements, prescribed in the inspection report and in the certification decision, to deadline. In case the charge of the inspection and/or certification services is not paid, the certification can not be issued. 

On the Bio Garancia certificate, in order for the precise identification, the client’s name, address, the date of the certification contract, the date of the latest inspecion and the issue date of the certification are all displayed. All certifications have their unique identification number. 

Following the issue of the certification we send our clients the online availability of their certification, which may be downloaded anytime. We also send our clients the printed version of the certification via post, which we recommend to retain. 

It is important to know that during the inspection, the valid certification of the suppliers also need to be presented. In case it is not available and our client is not able to send it us later on either, then sanctions will be applied according to our Sanction catalogue. 

Bio Garancia has a common certification search platform together with the members of Easy-Cert Group (EASY-CERT), where anyone can reach all certifications issued within the group of companies. On the certification search platform simple and complex searches are also possible to be done. If someone would like to search for the certification of a certain person, or the certifications of the farmers in a certain village or town, it may be done easily by providing basic information. In case of premium search (free of charge for everyone) the filtration may be done based on cultures, animals, products, and hence the certification finder will list the certifications matching the criteria, along with the name and data of the agriculture/company. Certifications issued by Bio Garancia may be downloaded in PDF format. If you would like to use the certification finder in a different language, it may be set before use in the top left corner. The benefit of the certification search platform is that the list of falsified certifications, became known to us, are also available.