Registration - Control body changers

In case you would like to change control body please click on the "Register” button below. 

Afterwards we will send you all the necessary guides and documents what you need to fill in and send back to us. Please also make sure that you inform your current control body about the change. 

Should you have any questions, please contact us either via email or phone, we are more than happy to help you. 

Guide for conditions and process of changing certification body

Changing certification body is regulated by VM regulation Nr. 34/2013. (V. 14.) and ÉLTV (regulation year 2018. Nr. XLVI. of food chain and supervision by authorities), and declares the possibility of changing certification body anytime throughout the year, for which the certification body is not entitled to charge extra fee. The certification body can not interfere for their clients’ intentions for changing certification body. In case the certification body interferes, a complaint may be handed in. 

Changig certification body is possible for all producers who is registered by one of the Hungarian certification bodies (agricultural producers, processors and traders). In case you decide changig certification body, you need to proceed as follows: 

1. Agricultural farms/companies need to notify their current certification body about the change on the same day with handing in their application to the new certification body. Please pay attention to this as in case these happen on different days, the in conversion period may restarts. 

2. In case of changing certification body the current certification body conducts an on-site inspection for free of charge at the agricultural farm/company, if more than 60 days passed between notifying the current certification body about the leave and the previous yearly inspection (except for taking sample if breach of organic regulation is confirmed). 

3. The current certification body sends the relevant documents to the new certification body within 15 days of receiving the notification about the leave. 

4. The new certification body within 15 days of receiving the documents from the current certification body conducts an on-site inspection at the agricultural farm/company, and makes a decision regarding the acceptance of the application for changing certification body within 10 days of the inspection. The registration date of the agricultural farm/company to the new certification system will be the same as the leaving date of the current certification body.