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Information for farmers

Substances permitted to use in organic agriculture need to comply with the requirements included in regulation (EU) 1165/2021, appendix I. and II. As in the EU organic regulation only the permitted agents and raw materials are listed, and not the names of the crop enhancing agents and plant protection products traded, therefore it is not always obvious whether the given product is permitted to use in organic production. There are different products with marketing licence in each country, hence it would be difficult to determine in the EU organic regulations that which are the ones permitted in organic agriculture. 

Therefore in Hungary a list was composed of the agents permitted in organic agriculture, which is updated regularly. Our certification body accepts two lists of substances allowed in organic farming at the moment: 

1) National NÉBIH Input list 

The national input list is coordinated by NÉBIH according to regulation No. 34/2013 VM, 23 § e), and published on their website. It is free of charge to be on the list of agents permitted in organic farming, for the evaluation the consent of the manufacturer/distributor is necessary. 

2) List of the certification body 

In case an agent is not published on the national list of NÉBIH, the certification bodies need to evaluate it. Bio Garancia Kft evaluates the products based on the FiBL metodology, which is applied in several countries. Therefore, the products evaluated by us are published in the national (Hungarian) list of FiBL, the EU Input List and also in the list of products approved by Bio Garancia Kft for the use in organic farming, which can be found here.

Conditions for use for farms dealing with organic agriculture: 

  • In case of agents used in organic farming it is also necessary to comply with the rules in the licence document. 

  • Products imported from abroad, which comply with the rules of organic farming, can only be used in case if they have authorisation for placing them on the market. 

  • In case you wish to use an agent which is not presented on the list of permitted agents in organic farming, please consult with Bio Garancia before purchasing it!

  • On the national NÉBIH input list EC fertilizers are not presented, these substances need to be evaluated by the certification body the farmer is registered with.      

Information for input manufacturers

Process of being included on the list of Bio Garancia Kft. for agents permitted in organic farming: 

1. Accepting General Terms and Conditions and signing the contract. 

2. Providing necessary documents to Bio Garancia Kft., which are the followings: 

  • In case of licence required products valid national licence document, 

  • Registration sheeet of fertilizers, crop enhancing products and plant protection products, 

  • Declaration of conformity with the prohibition of genetically modified organisms according to regulation (EC) No. 834/2007, 

  • Safety data sheets - Description of manufacturing process. 

3. Payment of certification fee. 

4. Following a successful evaluation, the product is added to the list of products approved by Bio Garancia Kft. for use in organic farming, as well as to the national (Hungarian) list of FiBL and the EU Input List.

Please send the necessary documents to the following email address:

National lists (EASY-CERT services) and Bio Garancia

Bio Garancia Kft. cooperates with the organization above, hence if a product is already published on the list of EASY-CERT services it is enough to provide the same documents which were already sent to EASY-CERT services (even if that is written in a foreign language). 

Documents related to Input evaluation are available under the following links: 

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Input logo terms of use

Input logos are downloadable here